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Moose Craft

16 Apr

Since my beaver craft has been so popular, I’ve decided to add a post on one of my other woodland creature crafts. Presenting… a paper moose!

Moose craft

Supplies required: white/grey and two colours of brown construction paper,  white foam (optional), a black marker, 3 strips magnet (optional), scissors and a glue stick.

Step 1: Create a template of the head, antlers, ears, eyes and beard as seen in the picture below.
Step 2: Using the templates, trace and cut out the head and ears from the construction paper that is the lighter of the two browns.  Cut the antlers out of white/grey construction paper, the eyes from white construction paper or foam paper and the beard from the darker brown construction paper.
Step 3:
 Create pupils on the white construction/foam paper using the black marker. 
Step 4: Begin gluing the various pieces together making sure that you glue the ears on before the antlers.
Step 5: Using the black marker, draw details onto the moose’s face.
Step 6: (optional) Finally, make this craft into a fridge magnet by adding three strips of magnet on the back, making sure to put one on the head and one on each antler.

moose template

This is perhaps one of my simplest crafts in terms of how much time it’ll take to put together, but it looks great and there simply isn’t enough moose crafts out there yet. Have fun!

Recommended Reading: Ernest by Catherine Rayner
                                              Moose! by Robert Munsch Illus. by  Michael Martchenko 

(Mr. C)