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Monster Magnet Craft

29 Jun

Monsters under your bed? In your closet? Forget about it! They’re now on the fridge! Make various monster faces using miscellaneous monster parts. This craft is inspired by magnetic poetry, but instead of rearranging words to make new sentences you’ll be rearranging noses, eyes and mouths to create new monsters.

Supplies required: foam paper in various colours, scissors, a marker, glue and magnetic strips (though old fridge magnets that companies often give away can also be used).

Monsters Crafts

Step 1: Design various monster pieces such as eyes, mouths, noses, hair and horns. See the pictures below for some ideas. Remember, the crazier they are the more fun they’re going to be.
Step 2: Trace and cut out the pieces on different colours of foam paper. Construction paper will also work though it won’t be as nice.
Step 3: Draw on any additional detail such as pupils on the eyes as needed.
Step 4: Cut magnets to appropriate lengths and glue them onto the back of each monster piece. You can purchase the magnetic strips with sticky backing which work much better than glue.
Step 5: Place the pieces randomly on the fridge or some other magnetic surface.
Step 6: Now the kids (or the kids at heart) can make monster facesĀ  by rearranging the pieces. The combination possibilties is limited only by your imagination. If things get boring, add additional pieces. Maybe a nice purple beard or a blue mustache? How about some orange eyes?

Have fun and stay creative!

Recommended Reading: Jeremy Draws a Monster by Peter McCarty

(Mr. C)

Monsters Craft