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Discount Christmas!

11 Mar

This is what happens when the Christmas fabric goes on clearance, and I buy it all.

I really needed an ugly dress to wear at the tackiest time of year. Unfortunately, glaringly hideous patterChristmas Dressned dresses are difficult to find if you are more than 5 years old. So, being graced with a new sewing machine, I decided to make my own! And guess what? You too can make your own holiday-themed attire! Simply purchase any pattern in any style, then pick up some printed novelty cotton when the season is over, and voila! You are ready for next year with a nauseating and festive outfit.

This was my first attempt at making a fitted dress with sleeves, and while it could have been a bit smaller in the bust and waist, it turned out pretty good! Plus, the dress has pockets (also a first for me), which will be especially handy at Christmas time for hiding baked goods and prezzies.

Now I’m left with about 5 metres of this fabric. Gift bags next?

(Mrs. A)

My First Skirt

26 Jan

My first attempt at sewing a wearable item of clothing has been a success! The last time I sewed anything, it was for a Barbie doll. I thought I would totally botch the skirt, but this pattern is SEW easy (sorry). The skirts illustrated on the envelope are unbelievable ugly, so it’s a wonder I was able to see past that and actually purchase the pattern. Side note- I now understand why clothing (at least, quality clothing) is so expensive! I got this pattern on sale for about $5, but most patterns at Fabricland run between ten and twenty dollars! Add on to that the price of fabric (again, I took advantage of a blowout 50% off day). But despite my 50% off, I still managed to spend over $150 on my first trip to the fabric store. In total, my skirt cost about $12. Not too shabby! This is the end result:

I like to think that the warm flannel in a nice bright colour makes this a great transition piece from winter to spring!

I give this pattern a 4/5. It was simple enough to cut out and sew, but the instructions for the waistband were not drawn well at all, and the written instructions were even more confusing. Fortunately, I was able to figure it out on my own, but not everyone is as smart as I am!

(Mrs. A)