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The Cow Loves Cookies

11 Oct

When I’m hungry, what do I think about? Cookies. And what do cookies remind me of? Milk. And of course milk is going to remind me of cows. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere I’m thinking about cows eating cookies. Seems quite logical to me, so here’s a craft that’s a cow eating cookies!

Supplies required: Scissors, cardstock or cardboard, pink construction paper, print outs of your favourite cookies, googly eyes, black marker, white glue and cow pattern fabric.

The Cows Loves Cookies

Step 1: Copy and cut out the templates provided.
Step 2: Trace and cut out the head and body templates on both the cardstock/cardboard and the cow patterned fabric. Trace and cut out two ears and a tail out of just the cow pattern and trace and cut out the nose from the pink construction paper.
Step 3: Glue the head pieces and body pieces together.
Step 4: Glue the two ear pieces out to the side on the top back of the head with the fabric pattern facing out.
Step 5: Glue the tail piece on top of the body piece.
Step 6: Draw two short parallel lines on the pink construction paper for nostrils. Then glue the nose onto the cows head opposite of the ears.
Step 7: Glue the googly eyes onto the cow’s head.
Step 8: Glue the head to the body.
Step 9: Find an image of your or your child’s favourite cookies. Print them and cut them out.
Step 10: Glue the cookies to the underside of the cow’s head, sticking out just enough to make it look as if the cookies are in the cow’s mouth.

TemplateNow you have a craft to make just before snack time (or to use as an excuse to eat some cookies). What’s great about this craft is that children will get a tactile experience with the fabric and that each cow will be different.

Recommended Reading: The Cow loves Cookies by Karma Wilson Illus. by Marcellus Hull

(Mr. C)