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Vincent Van Groovy

8 Oct

Another Dollarama canvas has been transformed! Like the canvas from my earlier Mona Lisa makeover, this one had a black and white, paint-by-numbers-esque line drawing of Van Gogh’s famous “Sunflowers” painting. I toyed with the idea of doing another steampunk painting, maybe with clockwork flowers, but I was finally inspired by the beautiful felt artwork over at Checkout Girl’s blog. If you have not seen it, you are missing out!

I completely covered the canvas with fabric, so the black and white sketch didn’t really help me as far as layout goes. I just cut a bunch of felt into sunflowerish shapes and layered them together in a pleasing way. The buttons were a last-minute addition, because I felt (ha) that something was missing. I think they help pull the whole colour scheme together.

When I hung this on my wall, I couldn’t help but think that a little bit of the 1970s had worked its way into my living room. Something about the orange, gold and brown hearkens back to the days of this and this. In a completely pleasing way, of course. I am now considering painting my dining room orange. According to the crazy psychologist people, orange is a good colour for digestion…is that why A&W does so well?

(Mrs. A)

Steampunk Mona Lisa

28 Jan

I get into moods (just ask my husband). Right now, I am in the kind of mood that makes me pine for a world of airships, journeys to the center of the earth and time machines.

Maybe four months ago, the Dollarama was selling grey scale canvases of popular works of art. I immediately snatched up the Mona Lisa, Van Gogh’s Sunflowers, and Monet’s abysmally overused Water Lilies. The latter two are still sitting in my library/office/art room, and probably will be for a while. But who can resist $2 canvases? I knew that I was going to do something to poor Lisa, but I hadn’t decided what.

Then, of course, genius struck and I have my very own steampunk Mona Lisa! I’m sure Da Vinci would appreciate her snappy goggles and the flying machine in the background, so I have no qualms about “ruining” a masterpiece. Plus, I think that it is much more tasteful than this.

PS: This piece was done with Prismacolor Nupastels (my favourite thing to draw with ever).

(Mrs. A)