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My Feltie Valentine…

29 Feb

Mr. C, once again, stole my heart with felt. I didn’t make him anything THIS awesome for Valentine’s Day. At least, not this adorable. I think he will have to post a tutorial on both of these pieces of cute, because more spouses could learn from his example!

This is the Valentine he gave me, and honestly, this melted my heart enough! I was so impressed that he designed the fox all on his own.

And then he brought out this. If this design looks familiar to you, perhaps you have seen this adorable board book by Joyce Wan: “We Belong Together.” He bought me the book for Christmas, and it is way too cute. Babies should not be the only ones allowed to enjoy it’s squee-worthy illustrations. And now I get a felt version on my wall!

I am a lucky, lucky lady.

(Mrs. A)

Zombie Cupid

14 Feb

When people say “with undying love,” this is probably not what they meant. This is the second installment in my feltie series “Undead for the Holidays.” We move from a zombie groundhog to a zombie cupid who is impaled upon one of his own love arrows (made out of a red pipe cleaner). I briefly considered doing two love struck lovers but ultimately decided to go with the classic cherub with a few zombie modifications. For contrast I made the body gray and used bright yellow for the hair and black for the wings. This gave him a devilish appearance rather than the typical angel one. In addition I embroidered an eye socket hole that, combined with some red thread for blood, makes a nice little heart shape.  With this little guy on the loose I think some people will be side stepping a few cupid’s arrows this Valentine’s Day.

(Mr. C)