Rocket Ship Craft

28 Feb

Here’s a fun craft that will have you shooting for the stars. All you need is some coloured construction paper, scissors, glue, a straw, a marker, a bit of tape and a printer (optional).

Rocket Craft - S. S. Mr. Crafts

Rocket Craft Template - click here

Click Here


Step 1: Print off and cut out the rocket template. The colour and number of pieces that are required are written on each piece of the template.
Step 2: Trace each piece of the template on the colour of construction paper indicated.
Step 3: Glue the fins and the flames to the back of the rocket. Then glue the exhaust and cap to the front.
Step 4: Using a thick marker name your rocket. As a default, I suggest the child’s first or last name  however you should let them be as creative as they want.
Step 5: Print out and glue on or draw a flag of your country of origin on the front of the rocket. At this point you can also add any other decorations or embellishments you think your rocket needs.
Step 6: Tape the straw to the back of the rocket.
Step 7: Blast off!

Now you have a rocket you can fly around the classroom or living room with. If you’re super ambitious you can try a different colour combination or make a whole fleet!

Recommended Reading: Harry and Horsie by Katie Van Camp Illus. by Lincoln Agnew

(Mr. C)



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